Costume Turquoise 191

Modeled by Meaghan

*5* Piece--Cabaret Costume, Turquoise and Silver Lycra--Handmade in Egypt.

Bra & Skirt--The allure of the animal print must be rooted in our primitive selves, making us feel one with all of nature.  Animal prints never quite go out of style and reinvent themselves with each new decade: the latest rave in belly dancing as well as haute couture is animal print in other colors, here showcased in turquoise. The animal print signifies the sensual side of women.  The top material is sheer netted, drapey and soft.  Filled with ruched design on skirt's top section as well as bra.  Lovely swirl designs on bra and belt decorated with iridescent silver sequins and glass faceted beads. These same lovely bead droplets compose the fringe of the bra's mid section, as well as the skirt's sides. The shoulder straps of the bra are also accented by a triangular added addition that is separately sewn and creates greater coverage for the top cleavage and collar section. The armbands are also saturated with the same faceted glass balls. The skirt is layered and soo FULL of material it has no slits.  The skirt is 42" long and can be worn by the tall dancer or by the dancer who likes to dance in heels. This costume took 5 weeks to complete by hand from start to finish.  The netted sheer material is no easy feet to sew onto. 

Accessories--1 matching tiara, 2 matching armbands.

Size--Bra Ribcage-30-38; Bra Cup-A to C; Hip Belt-33-37.  

Turquoise 191 -- "Turquoise Tigress" -- $395.00