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Belly Dancer Desiree in the Miss NM Beauty Pageant, in the talent competition she came in 7th place, dancing in our all silver Turkish ensemble!

Belly Dancer Mollie in our midnight blue on Silver Crystal Turkish costume.

Belly Dancer Raehana in our Turquoise with gold accents costume.

Belly Dancer Amanda, from Canada, in our peacock Turkish ensemble.

Belly Dancer Mary, from Pennsylvania, performing in our all sparkling gold ensemble. 

Gina at the Playboy mansion with our all sparkling silver costume! 

Gina Playboy Cover Girl with our all sparkling silver costume. 

Above Belly Dancers in our Turkish costumes.

Belly Dancer Leena in our designer Silver on Wine Egyptian costume.

Belly Dancer Guorun, from Iceland, in our Fuchsia costume.

Belly Dancer Nicole in our all turquoise ensemble.

Belly Dancer Maria-Sophia, from California, wearing 2 of our costumes, with Greek singer Lefteris Pantazis performing at his show in California.

Belly Dancer Birte, from Germany, in our all sparkling silver ensemble.

Belly Dancer Vianka, from NYC, in our elaborate Royal Blue and gold ensemble.

Belly Dancer Carol from Florida, second from left, in Our Copper and sparkling Gold Costume.

Belly Dancer Vi, from Australia, in our Fuchsia and sparkling Silver Costume.

Belly Dancer Sara, from Canada, in our peacock carnival costume.

Belly Dancer Kelly, from Florida, in our all Turquoise costume.

Belly Dancer Elisa, from Florida, in our all Deep purple costume.

Belly Dancer Anna, from New Zealand, dancing in our all sparkling silver costume. 

Maine Festival featuring our sparkling Turquoise Turkish ensemble.

Belly Dancer Robin, from Canada, in our Turquoise and Gold accents costume.

Dancer Linda, of Corona California, in our Fuchsia & Peacock costumes.

Belly Dancer Sameda, from California, in the center, with her troupe wearing our all Lavender costume.

Belly Dancer Szilvia, from NY, in our Copper & Silver costume.

Belly Dancer Cassandra, from Queensland, Australia, in our Turquoise and Gold ensemble.

Belly Dancer Nadia, from Los Angeles, in our velvet Lavender & Gold costume.

Belly Dancer Helen, from Melbourne Australia, performing at her own BD bash in our Lavender & Gold Egyptian ensemble.

Belly Dancer Amar, from Italy, in our Turquoise with Silver accents costume.

Another picture from Italian Belly dancer Amar performing in our desert Gold costume.

Belly Dancer Nadia, from Los Angeles, with our iridescent Pink costume.

Belly Dancer Paige, from New Mexico, in our iridescent White & sparkling Silver ensemble.

Belly Dancer Najla, from California, at her Egyptian wedding event wearing our iridescent Copper & Gold ensemble.

Belly Dancer Makyala, from California, displaying our iridescent Lavender ensemble. See Makyala dancing here:

Makyala Dance Video

Belly Dancer Rose in our elaborate Lavender & Silver costume at a show.

Belly Dancer Rima displaying our iridescent Plum & Gold cabaret ensemble.

Belly Dancer Valeri, from Texas, in our all desert Gold cabaret costume.

Belly Dancer Sylvia in our dusty Rose and Gold ensemble with "tinkerbell" skirt.

Belly Dancer Paola, from Italy, performing. 

Belly Dancer Paola in her own magnificent creation.

Belly Dancer Tracey, from England, in our Royal Blue and Gold dance costume set.

Belly Dancer Shelley, from Canada, in our white with silver accents costume ensemble.

Belly Dancer Shadia, from Quebec City, teacher & performer, in our Silver and Gold ensemble.

Belly Dancer Irmaris performing in several of our costumes.

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